Friday, September 19, 2008

All About Cats (and Dogs)

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I have discovered that cats are the secret stars of the internet. Humans cannot get enough of taking pictures of cats, laughing at cats, and anthropomorphizing cats with all sorts of funny and sarcastic characteristics. Cats, on the other hand, can't get enough of being cute, adored, and doing stupid things we're lucky enough to catch on camera. If you can't appreciate that, you can't be my friend. So I'll post lots of pictures, and if I'm sending you to a link I'll include the title and my favorite line from the article or what have you so you know what you're getting yourself into. Grab the toilet paper now and it'll solve two potential problems from laughing extremely hard.

So I've decided to splurge and share my favorites, even though the posts are going to be astronomically long to include them all. That's why I'm going to pre-date the posts and make a link to the page. So you can choose to see funny cats instead of wading through them to get to better content. If there is any. Ha. I will note that dogs also have a lot of dedicated space, and will be represented here too. I love my puppies!

Guidelines for Cats "Within paper bags dwell the bag mice."

Hallmarks of Felinity A Comic Strip Collection.

Hidden Cameras: What pets do when you're not at home "There was a bug in the pillow. I got it."

I do Dog Tricks The dog does tricks. It's actually kind of neat, but I'm disappointed he won't fly.

Insane Cat Video As always, a video that is funny at least the first three times you watch it.

Pet Parents Day
April 26 every year now. We're appreciated.

Viking Kittens "We come from the land of the ice and the snow..."

Cat Enclosures These are some really cool cat houses. We're going to use them for inspiration.

12 Interesting things about dogs and cats I guarantee you will learn something about your pets.

Cat Trivia All the random things you could ever want to know about cats. More than I'll ever read, honestly.

Tree Decorating 101 Our helpful kitty friends demonstrate how to decorate the tree at Christmas.

Why old dogs are the best dogs A touching article why dogs are wonderful and how much they mean to us.

What REALLY prompts a dogs guilt look A must read for all dog owners. It should change how you interpret your dog, unless you knew all of this already.

Dogblog Lots of random pictures of dogs, with witty insights as deemed fit by the collector. Your dog could be here, who knows?

Choosing Pets Over Shelter Another touching article about pet-owner relationships.