Friday, September 3, 2010

Lists, lists, and more lists

Anyone who knows me knows that I love lists. Lists make my world go round. If it's not on a list it just doesn't seem solid to me. So I have lists about everything. And this morning I need a distraction from things I don't want to talk about and don't have the emotional strength to think about anymore. So I'm going to make a lists of lists that are partially formed and need to be cemented down. Some lists are just lists and some are more along the lines of plans. And I expect this to be absolutely fascinating to anyone who reads my blog. Are you fascinated yet? Ha!

Reading List: fiction and non-fiction
Snowflake Method
Reading the Bible
Home Improvement Projects
Crafty Projects
Knitting Projects
Expanding my Creativity Projects
Movies I want to see
TV Shows I want to see
Video Games I want to play
Math Goals (shudder and gasp, trust me)
Scientific Learning
A Filing System
Foreign Languages
Expanding Spirituality
Home Decorating
Previous Political Opinions List

That's all I have for now. And not all of these are listy kind of lists. For example, my travel list is documented in Google Earth, not in any sort of document.