Sunday, May 15, 2011


I am a grey person.
I have always been this way.
My heartfelt desire to be angel,
to be good, to be white,
is always balanced by the dark;
by my desires to destroy,
only for the sake of destruction.
I would watch the world burn,
only to try to put out the fire.
I steadily progress to chaos.
Part of me likes it better that way.
I strive to order my life, but that
is only a cover for my natural state.
Nothing is permanent, 
everything changes.
I am only hastening what life already brings.
Black and white make grey,
but I am always one or the other.
The one I choose may be random,
but I am only the way I was made.
I am black. I am white.
I am strong. I am weak. 
I am good. I am evil.
I am caring. I am cold.
I am ambitious. I am humble.
I am dark. I am light.
I am a walking contradiction.
I am entropy.