Wednesday, August 26, 2009

House Tour

Woohoo! We had our last showing of the house today. The yard looked SO much better. It's also a lot bigger than I remembered, especially in front. The closing date is set as September 25th. There's definitely work to be done, and we'll probably replace the siding and the gutters relatively shortly, as in when we have that kind of money. Other than that the interior work is all aesthetic. We need to put a light fixture in the office, do painting in all the bedrooms, and probably refinish the hardwood, which is why we're hoping for those two weeks plus between our closing date and our lease expiration. There's a crawl space that we couldn't get into because it looks like it's painted shut, but the VA Inspector will take care of that. There's also an attic we hadn't noticed before, and while we couldn't put tons up there, that's from limited mobility on our part, not lack of space. Christmas stuff will definitely be able to go there though, and once we have the house that will be what the majority of our storage boxes are. And there's a small sprinkler system that wasn't noted on any of the paperwork. Since VA Inspectors have (recently) been getting to houses in a matter of days from the inspection request, this should really be the home stretch. Karol says she made it clear that we had to close before the first of October or we would withdraw our offer. I should probably really start thinking about paint colors. That and the floors I would really like to get done before we move our stuff in. And packing, we should start packing non-essential items. That way there's less to do at the end, because Lord knows I love to procrastinate while underestimating the amount of work at hand.

I'm sleepy, I'm going to join David for a nap (he has the night shift this week).