Monday, August 31, 2009

So our neighbor pulled a gun on a child...

I realize the purpose of this blog is to breathe, relax, and enjoy life. That's not what this post has to do with, this post has to do with frustration. I'm not editing language from direct quotes, fyi. You need to know how crazy this woman is. But first...

1. If you offer a free trial, someone pays you for shipping on your product, you call ten times to confirm the order, ask if they want to sign up for a subscription, they say emphatically, " No, I do not want to be signed up for anything, I want my free trial and will order more if I want more," and your customer service representative says, "No problem, Sir," and then they charge you immediately for a product you didn't want (aka wtf happened to the free trial?), you are guilty of FRAUD AND THEFT AS SURELY AS IF YOU HAD STOLEN THE PHYSICAL CREDIT CARD. You took credit card information and made UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES. And if you think we won't have you investigated by our bank, the Better Business Bureau, and JAG, you are sorely mistaken. And by the way, we're going to do that even though you are refunding us our money, because YOU ARE A SCAM. Not only are you a scam, but you are THIEVES MASQUERADING AS A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS. We will do everything possible to get you on the military's black list. I hope an asteroid hits your building and all the THIEVES YOU CALL EMPLOYEES die horribly.

2. Two Saturday's ago, as David was out on our porch having a smoke, our friends Hedy and Ryan walked by with Hedy's four year old son, Seth, while taking our Kristin's dogs because they were on vacation. They stopped a few yards away to chat, and while they were doing so, Thor happened to be in the window. Taj barked a couple of times at him (literally, a couple of times), and that was enough to cause our upstairs neighbor to come out onto her porch completely plastered and yell at them that "If you don't shut that fucking dog up, I'm going to shoot it in the head." Naturally, Hedy was indignant. However, she remained calm, though Amy (the upstairs neighbor) continued to yell and shout threats. Eventually, a man came out of her apartment and told her to go inside, and then apologized for her behavior, saying that a toddler was sick and trying to sleep upstairs and they would appreciate it if we kept the dog quiet. Hedy said no problem. Until Amy comes out again, this time with a loaded, cocked pistol, and points it at Ryan, saying that if he keeps looking at her she's going to shoot him. It only escalated from there, with all of the adults on the ground pulling out their phones and telling her unequivocally that the police will be called, and that they have witnesses (David) to back up what happened. Amy replied that we were her neighbors and we wouldn't care.

There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. To hear Hedy tell it, the gun was pointed at Ryan, but to me a drunk person pointing a gun isn't aiming at anything in particular, even if they think they are. To me, she aimed a loaded weapon at a four year old. She was arrested for menacing, which we will attempt to have bumped up to assault with a deadly weapon in court, as apparently it wasn't an option Hedy was given when the police came. David and I (mostly David) gave a statement, and will likely be subpoenaed. Unfortunately, although the gun was confiscated, Amy was released on bail the next day. Naturally, the three families involved went to management on Monday and told them what happened, and they replied that she would be evicted, following that up with "by Monday." Well, now it's Monday, and considering Amy has not done any moving that we're aware of, and we couldn't help but be, I'm extremely curious as to what the hell is going on. We'll give them until 5PM before we go to the office and demand an explanation for why an obviously unstable woman hasn't been forcibly evicted by now. Understandably, it's hard to feel safe knowing you have a neighbor ready to shoot you for absolutely no reason whatsoever except for the fact she's out of her mind. If she hasn't moved herself by this evening, her stuff better be out on the lawn and in the dumpster with the locks changed and the police forcing her out of the apartment if need be by noon tomorrow. She's not welcome here. Get rid of her.

My take on the situation is that if Ryan had happened to have a weapon on him, which is allowed by Colorado law, he could have legitimately shot her dead in self-defense. That was not just a gun, but a loaded gun, and when the police inspected it they found a round in the chamber, which means she had cocked to fire it. That surely would have been a mess, but it would have been honest to God self defense, and she would have deserved it.

I've heard that she has blood cancer, I've heard that she has seizures, but I can't give her any slack for whatever is wrong with her when she willing becomes intoxicated knowing that she gets extremely violent. While I was in Illinois her son told David she was having a seizure, and he went upstairs to help her friends give her her medicine (with their permission and instruction, of course). She didn't recognize him and told him if he didn't get out of her house she'd shoot him. He tried to remind her who I was, who he was, that we were friends. She just said that she didn't care who the fuck he was, he better get out or she'd shoot him. So he left. I mention this to point out that this is in no way an isolated incident. This woman needs to be hospitalized, or put in an institution, or something, because she is a danger to everyone around her. No matter what her medical condition is, there is nothing that justifies pulling a loaded weapon on a child.

Oh, and when she was told to go to the office to discuss her eviction, she told them that it was a water gun. When the manager told Hedy that, she simply replied that she had provided a copy of the police report and the manager was free to call and confirm that it had been an actual, loaded weapon. Which it was. I realize you're trying to save yourself, but why on earth would you waste your time lying about something that can be so easily proven false? Better to spend your time apartment hunting and packing, methinks.