Saturday, September 26, 2009


Well, the Mayo clinic won't see me because I've been in pain too long. Apparently anything that's been going on longer than 6-7 months they don't feel they'll be able to diagnose either. Great. So I'm in mind numbing amounts of pain and can't get anyone to care. Apparently dealing with it for six years means I have the ability to deal with it forever. I'm going to go to the doctor on the 5th and try to get him to take my gall bladder out. We need to do something, and at this point...well nothing makes sense at this point. We have nothing to go on, except the pain and that I don't digest things very well. And who knows what else it's affecting. So it'd be nice if someone would do something about it.

I'm starting a natural regimen of herbs and supplements, with the mindset that before there was medicine in the sense that we think of it now, the only remedies available were natural ones. We went to a really cool store today, called Sage Woman Herbs. Besides the herbs for tea, I picked up a green food supplement and digestive enzymes. Maybe they won't do anything, but they can't do any more nothing than what the doctors have prescribed. I'm going to fast Tuesday-Thursday next week, and for the next month I'm sticking to an organic, detoxifying diet for the next month. Again with not really knowing how much a difference it will actually make, but I'm done waiting on doctors to care about my complete lack of any quality of life.