Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Day

I felt a lot better today! We had an appointment with Jason and it went really well, now all we're waiting on is the VA inspector and all the paperwork that comes after that and before closing. I need to come up with a solid plan for the one week I'll have David for, because we have so much to do. And we have to have everything in readiness well beforehand. My move from Georgia to Illinois was an eye opener. I thought I was well prepared for the loading/moving to begin when my parents got there. We ended up packing until the very last second. We have a lot more stuff than I gave myself credit for and it took a lot longer to pack all the little stuff than I anticipated. So this time we'll do it the right way (hopefully). But we got the guitar hero instruments, humidifiers, all but one box of my books, and 3 hanging boxes of clothes, as well as getting the big blue boxes of stuff in the office lined up on one wall so we can start putting packed boxes into that room. David was very helpful and is gung ho about getting more packing done, so hopefully my body will cooperate and we'll continue to be productive through the weekend.

Our apartment is repaving the parking lot, so we had to move our cars out. I'm actually rather surprised that the majority of spaces are still filled. I'm assuming people are planning on moving them in the morning before seven, or going to work before then, but if they aren't out in time they'll be towed. So I hope everyone got the memo.

We're going out to the house again tomorrow so the inspector can collect the radon test. We collected a lot of information, mostly measurements, last time, but since then I discovered the disturbing fact that David will only be here for a week before he goes to California. And when we were there on Tuesday we decided that the hardwood floors need to be refinished, and the easiest (relatively) time to do this is before we've moved in. However, it will probably take us about a week to get them all done. Sanding takes a while and each polyurethane coat takes about a day to dry. So we have to coordinate getting the sanding done before he leaves, with the thought that as long as that is done I can probably deal with the polyurethane myself. And we have to get the majority of our things moved, particularly the bigger and heavier items, before David leaves because I can't do that on my own. So 2 big projects in one week: prepping and sanding three rooms and a hallway and doing the vast majority of our moving. Hence the need for a detailed plan of action so that any help we're going to get is available when we need it and we can make reservations for the equipment that we need.

I'm planning on starting a detox program of my own design in the hopes that I will continue improving and won't be stuck in bed that week, because that would be a disaster.

David and I are watching Buffy and then heading to bed. It's already late, and we have to get up to go to Home Depot and get paint chips before heading over to the house. That's one of the things we need to do at the house tomorrow, examine paint chips. And take count of switch and outlet covers that need to be replaced, and measure the parts of baseboard that are missing and compare to what was left in the garage to see whether we need to buy any of that. I want to know these things before the big week, obviously. Anyway, cuddle time. Here's to a good day, with many more to follow.