Saturday, September 19, 2009

What am I doing today?

Well...probably a lot of sitting around, watching tv, because I'm in a lot of pain and even that pushes the limits of my pain threshold at times. So other than that...I'm going to blog, incessantly update my facebook and myspace statuses, and read. I really want to fast, like a serious fast, for a week or so. I have no idea what's wrong at this moment in time, but I feel in serious need of a detox. My stomach feels full and my mouth feels dirty no matter what! I always want to barf and brush my teeth, but no amount of those things makes the feelings go away. Blah. Too much sugar, which is unfortunate considering I usually have the most adverse reactions to healthy food. I've thrown up more bread and fruit than candy this past week. I'll probably play the Sims, and then go back and forth as it randomly shuts down. And organize about a thousand saved links. Maybe I'll find a way to share them here, but the catching up would be astronomical, and posting everything as it's own post, even if I was just sharing links, and not the actual pictures or articles, would take a lot of time and space. We'll see just how bored I get. Oh, and look up projects and crafts and Christmas presents and work on the projects I haven't touched since we got the news.