Sunday, November 15, 2009

House Pictures

Several people have expressed the desire for pictures of the house, so here is what I have now.

David and I the day we moved in. Officially ours.

Our bedroom. Not moved in yet, but the floor is done and the walls have the first coat of paint on them.

The kitchen. It's still in shambles, in my opinion. I finally put up temporary shelves for the pantry (you can't see them) and took all the wheels off the cart since I was unable to fix the two broken ones. So now I have room to put stuff away. I'm still having problems with the fact that our sink drain is apparently a weird size, so no (I say NO) stoppers fit it. Even the white, flat, all-purpose suction stopper doesn't work. Whenever I want to do dishes I have to take the dirty dishes out of the white container you see to the left of the sink and fill it with water. It's getting really annoying. So a new sink is on my list. However, you can see the color I'm painting the walls.

I'll post more and better pictures when I have them.