Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blowing off steam

I find it really annoying when you make a suggestion to someone, or give them advice, or recommend something that helped you and that someone dismisses the idea as if it is of no value. You don't have to use the idea, but don't assume that you know all that it has to offer without even checking it out. "Oh, I don't need that, I already do x, y, and z," is only acceptable when x, y, and z actually have something to do with the suggestion. Maybe, just maybe, instead of being defensive and acting like you're the only one with good ideas, you could at least consider the thought that someone else might be able to teach you something you didn't already know.

In this particular case I'm forced to wonder if it's a me thing, and if some weird sense of pride won't let this person accept any suggestions I make simply because I'm making them.

And saying thanks after being snide doesn't make you sound sincere. This isn't the first time this particular person has sneered at an innocent, helpful idea either.