Monday, March 21, 2011


Today has been a good day. David has been coming home after almost no time at work, which is good but a bit annoying, because I think that some reintegration training would be good for both of us. It might start next week, according to David. We are expecting a truckload of furniture on Thursday. We went to American Furniture Sunday for the last day of their big tax refund sale and bought a house full. This means that we need to make space for the new stuff. The tricky part is that we need the furniture to put away the stuff that is in the way of where the furniture needs to go. David was very helpful with Hunter today though, and I was able to get all the clothing piled in our bedroom sorted. Granted, a lot of it is in the laundry right now, but David and Hunter both have laundry baskets and David also has two hanging clothes boxes for temporary storage. It is such a relief to have those clothes away! They've been taking up so much space, I cannot wait to have Hunter's dresser and David's wardrobe arrive.

Also today I finished painting the trim on the window in our bedroom, took Hunter for two walks, and worked out on the Wii. And for the last hour David and Hunter have been asleep and I have been using the opportunity to finish cleaning our white plastic drawers, run some laundry, clean out the front hall closet, empty the dishwasher and the sink, finish hanging my scarves, clean the bathroom, clear and clean the kitchen counters, and enjoy a nice cuppa tea.

Tomorrow I plan on going to Babies R Us and maybe Lowes, depending on how much I get done in the yard. The weather is supposed to be cool and windy, but I hope to rake the backyard, pick up the dog poo, and remove the rocks and other things that would prevent us from mowing. If I can get all of that done I will feel very happy with myself. If that is done with enough time to spare that it makes sense to go to Lowes and pick up yard waste bags, the necessaries to start reseeding our lawn, and perhaps a grill, then that is fantastic, but could probably just as easily be put off until Wednesday, when I have two appointments to go to anyway.

Alright, well I need to finish above mentioned chores and get to bed. I have 17 minutes before I was hoping to be in bed (it is now 2313) and I spent the last ten writing this blog. Shannon, I know this isn't a baby blog, but it will have to suffice for now. I just don't have enough time to upload any photos or videos right now. À bientöt!