Saturday, October 10, 2009

House Preparations

David and I went out to the house today and scraped paint off that was flaking and cleaned up paint that the hired workers left on the ground. The VA Appraiser didn't like the paint issues, and the workers were supposed to go out again in preparation for the final inspection yesterday or today, except when we went out and checked on the house, there were still paint chips on the ground and flaking paint on the trim of the back porch. We called Karol, of course, but since this is crunch time and Monday is a holiday, we didn't want to have to delay the closing because of paint. There's also been what we presume is a neighbors car parked in the driveway for the past two times we have been there. This time we left a note on the windshield saying that the house was under contract and the new owners would be on the property on Wednesday, and that if the car wasn't moved by then it would be towed. Hopefully they'll move it by then, because having the car towed would be extremely inconvenient. However, at this point we're still on schedule for a closing at 0930 on Wednesday. How very exciting! Now it's time to get back to packing. We've gotten quite a bit done so far, but there's still a lot left to do between now and moving time. At least I have David until the 29th, which is a good week longer than I was planning for.

My surgery went well, but I'm tired, drugged, and really sore. My shoulders, especially my right one, hurt so much I can't describe it as anything but being stabbed repeatedly by a very sharp knife. When I woke up this morning I could feel the gas from the laparoscopy gurgling around under my ribs. It was very uncomfortable. And my abdomen itches, and is sore. But it's really my shoulders that are the worst.

Time to get back to work.