Thursday, October 15, 2009

House Work

Well, I spent the whole day, literally from sun up to sun down, working on the house. All the moulding has been pried up, all the doors are off. We've big sanded two rooms, now we have one more bedroom, the hallway, and the edges before we switch to a different grade of sandpaper and start the whole thing over again. And when that's done we repeat it all again. It's called "finishing" and while I don't mind the work, it sure takes a while. There's also hardwood floor underneath the carpet, so we're hopefully ripping that up and refinishing it too. If there's time. However, now that all the moulding is up, all there is to do tomorrow is sanding. And more sanding. And MORE sanding. However, I'm in love with my Bosch 5" orbital sander. It's AMAZING. So easy to use, and does so well. I really hope we're done by Saturday, because we need to use that day to stain and put down polyurethane. We did as much as we could on Wednesday, but we closed at 2:30 instead of 9:30, so we lost a lot of time I had expected to be able to work. However, in that vein, I need to get to bed. Gotta get up early so I can get this sanding done (hopefully ALL by this time tomorrow).