Monday, October 12, 2009


In doing what I can, I have to recommend my realtor to ANYONE in the Colorado Springs area. I will have a handful of her cards with me at all times and give them out to anyone and everyone. Her name is Karol Vander Pleug, here is her website. I wish I could do her more favors than just advertising my experience on my dinky blog, which barely anyone reads, and certainly no one that I know of in Colorado, but I have to do it anyway. She is AMAZING. Above and beyond the call of duty, always. We made an offer on a short sale home, which has been an extremely long, arduous process, back in May. Five months later, we are finally close to closing on our home.

Not only has she done more work and haggling behind the scenes than I'll ever know about, but she's also putting in the physical effort of going out to the house with us and taking care of the improvements necessary for the house to pass the VA Inspection. She also pursued and got for us a $2,500 credit from the sellers homeowners insurance company towards a roof replacement. She's also showed us the house several times and is full if helpful advice and information. If it wasn't a short sale, all of our closing costs would have been covered. I cannot recommend her enough. We looked at many houses in our price range, and most were so bad I wouldn't even go further than the front door. We managed to find a diamond in the rough, and it was mostly due to her perseverance and effort. I was losing hope we'd find anything that was move in ready, but we did. And Karol has been wonderful through this whole process. So please, if you need a realtor, call her.